Wesley, Richard


The RICHARD WESLEY PLAY ANTHOLOGY of five full-length plays collectively outlines a cultural history of black America in the post-Civil Rights era, from the late twentieth century through the first decades of the twenty-first. The Black Terror looks at the radical politics of the Black Power era; The Sirens, the destabilization of black familial and social life in the early 1970s; The Mighty Gents, the self- destructiveness of "black macho" in the late 1970s; The Talented Tenth, the midlife crises and the end of idealism among some members of the rising black middle class in the early 1980s; and his newest drama, Autumn, a look at a new generational paradigm in black urban politics in these dawning days of the twenty-first century. The anthology also includes an introduction that reflects a personal memory of the emergence, growth and evolution of black consciousness and the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s and early 70s; a chronicle of one playwrights' artistic evolution as a writer who was both a witness and literary foot soldier during those turbulent times.

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ISBN: 9781480394995
Published: Applause Books - July 1st, 2015