Staff Picks

Nicole Ban has a photographic memory.  She remembers every title, every review, every author.  Ask her!  Nicole is in charge of all things technical. She loves Young Adult books, especially fantasy and is also fond of quirky, off-the-beaten-path fiction and mysteries.  Nicole also curates our Cookbook section.

Carolyn Anbar is the Children’s Room manager and buyer. (And also buys the beautiful art books and gifts).  She believes strongly in the power of visual merchandising and loves to create fun and inspiring displays. Never without a book (or three), Carolyn reads mostly contemporary fiction. Her philosphy? Be kind, listen to music, and laugh.


Deirdre Birmingham can often be found in the Children's Room, where she loves to talk about middle grade stories and all manner of funny kids' books.
She has two secret weapons in her elementary-school age children whom she forces to review books. (In exchange, they get food and lodging.)
She is instrumental in planning our book fairs and loves getting to know the school communities in the area. Her taste in adult books runs towards fiction, especially historical fiction.

Asia Jannah is the reader who specializes in a little bit of everything!
Though she prefers fiction and short stories, she is able to make recommendations in just about any genre.
She handles running the store's online profiles such as the website, social media accounts and events.
She's really good with keeping up with reviews and new books, so if you're looking for something current, ask her!  



Emma Nathan is the resident scifi/fantasy, YA and graphic novel specialist.
You'll most often find her hovering around the YA section or coaching the junior staff.
Need a recommendation? Ask Emma! She reads almost entirely scifi and fastasy of every kind,
from Middle Earth to Gallifrey to Hogwarts (FYI She's a Ravenclaw), so she's sure to find something you'll like.

Ashley Cave Himes has a background in publishing and education so it’s no surprise that she loves connecting our youngest readers.
She loves the challenge of finding the perfect kids' book for any reading level and interest.
Ashley runs our weekly storytime for toddlers and preschoolers, and co-leads the kids’ books club.
She coordinates the authors-in-schools program, bringing fun and interesting authors and illustrators to local schools

Margot Sage-EL has been happily selling books and meeting new readers since 1996.  She came up through the ranks of educational development publishing and created Great Owl Books in 1993, a mail order children’s book catalog. She handles author events and public relations, and serves as our resident yenta. She is a voracious reader of new fiction and dark memoirs.