The No-Guilt Book Club with Liz Egan

Join us for the first “meeting” of…

The No-Guilt

Book Club

with Liz Egan



Thursday, March 1, 7:30pm, at watchung booksellers, reservations required, $10 a person.

You can pay at the store, over the phone, or online (make your reservation below).


(Wine, champagne, and yummy noshies… plus 20% off all your book purchases!)


The only thing we take seriously is the no-guilt part!  We’re just about getting a bunch of ladies together to chat books, sip champagne, and get our reading set for the “season” with the help of Ms. Elisabeth (Liz to us) Egan, our fabulous neighborhood book maven

(and, ahem, book editor for SELF magazine.)  So, clear your night table and make room in your bag.  And, remember, around here all reads are “good reads”– from Ms. Bingley to Ms. Handler, from Ms. Woolf to Ms. Fey, from… well you get the picture.

Hope to see you there!

      Margot, Nicole, Carolyn, Marisela

                                    Marina, Liane, & Liz