Roselee Blooston, Dying in Dubai

Roselee Blooston
Dying in Dubai
a memoir of marriage, mourning, and the Middle East

Saturday, October 1, 5-7pm

Book Launch, Reading, Signing, Reception

DYING IN DUBAI is a memoir of love, loss, reckoning, and renewal, set against the backdrop of a Rodeo Drive-on-Mars desert city. It tells of the sudden death of Roselee Blooston's beloved husband, Jerry, and how her fifteen day journey through a profoundly disorienting environment, and the inner journey over the next thirteen months through the equally foreign terrain of grief, force her to face wrenching questions about his behavior there. As she free-falls through the city's frightening underbelly with its ubiquitous police stations, gender-segregated waiting rooms, arbitrary Sharia laws, and an opaque bureaucracy that prevents her from immediately bringing his body home, the Middle East becomes the catalyst for a life-altering confrontation with her partner, her marriage, and ultimately, with herself. DYING IN DUBAI shows the reader that no matter the uncertainties, it is possible to transcend heartbreak, and to move forward with joy.
Roselee Blooston is an award-winning writer whose plays have been produced in New York, across the country, at the Edinburgh Festival, and over Voice of America, and whose short stories, essays, and articles have been published in national magazines, journals, and anthologies. Born and raised in the Washington, D.C area, she has lived in Texas, New York, and New Jersey, and has worked professionally as an actress, university instructor, and freelance writer. DYING IN DUBAI is her first book. For more about Roselee go to

All Blurbs for DYING IN DUBAI
Roselee Blooston's beautifully written, brutally honest memoir of endurance and ultimate acceptance of the cataclysmic sudden death of her life's partner rings truer than any of the many I have read and more movingly than any I could have written. Writing has been a catharsis for Roselee, as it was for me. Here is a helpful and, yes, healthy lesson for surviving the trials and tribulations of widowhood and the essential task of becoming a "new you." As Roselee put it at the book's end: "Facing loss opened me up, and I like who I've become."
                                                                      —Jane Brody New York Times columnist & best-selling author                                                                     
of Jane Brody’s Guide to the Great Beyond
A gorgeously written, and gripping account of loss and love. Blooston brings to life the glittering city of Dubai, while at the same time letting you into her heart and her marriage. Uplifting and resonant, this book offers solace to anyone who has walked in a loved one's absence.
—Claire Bidwell Smith,
author of The Rules of Inheritance

After her husband suffers a life-threatening aneurysm halfway across the globe, Blooston finds herself navigating far more than the emotional dislocations of imminent, then actual, loss. From the moment she lands in Dubai, she must contend with the social dislocations of a country where women—newly bereaved widows included—have no standing. Riveting from start to finish, Blooston’s beautifully written memoir is a truly original contribution to the grief literature.
                                                                        —Jill Smolowe
                                                                        author of Four Funerals and a Wedding
A timely, honest, heart-wrenching marriage memoir, from love at first sight to sudden widowhood in a foreign culture.  As she struggles with grief, panic, family conflicts, misogynist bureaucrats, financial insecurity and disturbing revelations, Roselee Blooston stands up for herself—and emerges transformed.
            —Jacqueline Lapidus, co-editor,
The Widows’ Handbook: Poetic Reflections on Grief and Survival
This intimate, vigorous memoir of a contemporary marriage, an extended family, and the immense strains of sudden, unforeseen widowhood is an absorbing book, well worth reading. Moving back and forth between the chronicle of unfolding events and remembrance of the whole span of her marriage, Blooston’s dramatic narrative joins the important new genre of widows’ own stories. Blooston’s memoir of her life with and without her exciting, loving, difficult husband captures the ache of an empty bed, the way that a newly bereaved person simply cannot imagine how they will ever again be able to feel peace or happiness, and how, nevertheless, we slowly do find comfort, and even joy.
—Lise Menn, Professor Emerita of Linguistics University of Colorado/Boulder,
co-editor, The Widows’ Handbook
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Saturday, October 1, 2016 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm
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