From the Garden State Parkway:
Exit 151, whether you're coming from the north or south. Make a LEFT ifyou're coming from the SOUTH, make a RIGHT if from the NORTH. That putsyou on Watchung Avenue, and if you stay on that for about two miles,you'll get to a small business district, and a light. The cross-streetat the light is North Fullerton, and you can make a left there, go downless than half a block to the P for Parking, and park in there. Onceyou've parked, head to Fairfield St (away from the buildings you'll bebehind), and we're right there, across from the Chase Bank.

From somewhere in Montclair:
-Bloomfield Ave: Go north on Park St, which is a right if you're comingfrom Bloomfield, a left if from W Orange. Go down Park about a mile anda half, until you reach a train trestle. Go right under the trestle,then an immediate right again, onto a little curving road. Park alonghere if you like, or make another right into a small parking lot. Andwe're right there, next to the lot!
-Upper Montclair: Go south on Park (which runs parallel to Valley),until just before you reach the train trestle. Make a rather abruptleft onto the little curving road, and you can park along here if youlike, or make another right into a small parking lot. And we're rightthere, next to the lot!

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