It'll All be Over by Christmas: The First World War in Postcards (Hardcover)

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 , The cards in It'll All Be Over By Christmas help to paint a picture of war as experienced by those at home, in training, at the front, in hospital and in convalescent camps. There are cards from fathers who wrote to wives and children, and sons who wrote to family, friends and loved ones. Men at the front who received parcels from home and from well-wishers. All this is revealed by the writings on cards sent during the war years.

The degree of support for the war eff ort is shown by the sending of ‘comforts’ to the men at the front by family, charitable organizations and the general public encouraged by newspapers and magazines.

We see the willingness of the population to help fund the war through War Bonds and collections, as well as the practical service they were prepared to provide by working in the factories and on the farms, with women showing that they could do much more than just knit socks.

On a lighter note, accounts of times of rest and relaxation fill many cards sent when the soldiers were back from the firing line and had time to enjoy the countryside and even eat cherries.,

About the Author

John Wilson was born in Mandiville, Jamaica in 1942 and educated at St. Hugh’s and Edmund’s College, in Hertfordshire. After a short period in the army he entered teaching, working in Berkshire, Dorset and Sussex. On retirement after 40 years in teaching, including 10 years as a housemaster, he took up part time work in public relations and now finds time for writing and after-dinner speaking.
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Publication Date: December 5th, 2022
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