Addiction Recovery: Kick Any Habit - Overcome Any Addiction (Paperback)

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Have you ever been told that you have an addictive personality? If so, then you need to do some serious introspection, because this is far from a compliment. If you have ever said I'm not addicted, I just really enjoy alcohol, drugs, smoking or even sex and exercise, then some introspection is needed too, because you might have a problem Life is incredibly stressful, to say the least, and we all seek constant outlets for this stress. Overindulging in anything-even the things that seem harmless-is a problem. It is with good reason that we are cautioned to exercise moderation in all things, for fear of losing ourselves to the dark side. Addiction is definitely the dark side of the moon, one that is incredibly difficult to come back from. How though, can you successfully beat addiction, safely kicking the bad habits that have formed over a long time, and regain control of your life? That is the purpose of this book. You will be given insight into addiction, and how to identify when you have a problem. You will be shown some of the different types of addiction out there, and how you can free yourself from slavery to these evil masters. You will also be shown the signs that you cannot do it on your own, and when and how you can enlist the help of professionals.Let's get straight into it, and walk you through what addiction actually is, and how to identify when you have a problem. We will then work through the most common addictions out there, and help you to break the chains of your addiction. Know this, help is available to you. This help starts with this book, and you will soon see why it will be the most useful tool you can have in your life's tool kit, and help you to live an addiction-free life...
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ISBN: 9781511854641
ISBN-10: 1511854642
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: April 27th, 2015
Pages: 74
Language: English