Untold Secrets of My Sisters (Paperback)

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Have you ever been a victim of incest, molest, or rape? Have you been living with this tormenting untold secret since that unfortunate day? Maybe this trauma has pushed you so far into denial that you now wear different masks to cover up the pain and shame that you believe no one will understand. Has your life been rewritten by the constant and consistent consumption of drugs and alcohol, or has it lead you into a life of promiscuity? It was not your fault, my sister. As difficult as it is, please read the entire book in order to fully understand that there are others who have experienced your pain. It was not their fault either. As you read, I encourage you to rewind the tape of that dreadful day you were forced to partake in such sick act and address it head on. Have your pity party. Then let it go. Don't just let it go to the wind but give it to the Lord, all of it. Give him the hurt, the shame, and the pain.

J. J. Martin has not only served in uniform, but she continually serves God's people through her Bible study teachings. We are called by God after we have accepted Christ into our hearts, but a few are chosen to fulfill specific assignments. J. J. Martin was called and chosen to operate in the ministry of healing and deliverance by leading victims of abuse, both males and females, to walk in victory after going through their process of healing. Life After Abuse is purposely being written presently as the follow up to Untold Secrets of My Sisters from a godly perspective to teach victims to not only forgive themselves but to walk in total victory.

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ISBN: 9781098026646
ISBN-10: 1098026640
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: January 22nd, 2020
Pages: 100
Language: English