Diving Catch (Hardcover)

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Devon Horner is thirteen, but looks younger, making him a perfect target for drug dealers. Fortunately for him, he has a grandma who keeps him out of trouble. Unfortunately for him, he also has Preston Whiteside, the big neighborhood drug dealer, breathing down his neck.

Just saying "no" isn't so easy when you have a gang of toughs chasing you down. Devon ends up hiding at a school baseball game, setting off a chain of events that may change his life forever...or end it.

Henry Lee is an all-star athlete at Hamilton Middle School. As he and his best friend Kevin get ready to play in the school county playoffs, he has no idea of the danger threatening him. Drugs had entered Hamilton Middle and one student reporter suspects the baseball team. She means to find the truth, no matter what. Too bad for her, evil forces will do anything to hide the truth.

When the championship game is ruined for Henry, he gets a second chance with Devon's church baseball team. The only problem, the boys have different schools, different skin colors, and different friends. The only thing in common, they both have dangerous drug dealers after them. Somehow, with the help of nosy student reporters, they must overcome their differences before it's too late. And if they don't...it won't just be a baseball game they lose. It will be their lives.

Mystery, adventure, humor, evil, heroes, and second chances all come together to form an unforgettable story about baseball, boys, and the power of friendship.

When the game of life looks like it's going to fall, it may take a miracle to save it. It may take a diving catch.

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ISBN: 9780692806487
ISBN-10: 0692806482
Publisher: Gregory Saur
Publication Date: May 16th, 2018
Pages: 454
Language: English